Dream Anchor Photography

Dynamic photography projects for Vermont and New England.

Family portraits, engagement sessions, senior portraits, commercial photography, and more.

Our Photographs Speak for Themselves

But our expertise is only one aspect of any photograph we create.

Getting the Shot

We utilize a dynamic approach that joins studio-style equipment, advanced planning, and natural light to develop our unique photographs.

A young man poses for his senior portrait. Warm dark tones and sunlight accent the image.

Our Photographic Style

Rich in color, contrast, and character, we often climb around quarries, old forts, and along lakes with studio-style equipment to deliver our personal brand.

We also know how to dig in with minimal equipment and create beautiful images that capture the essence of a moment when everyone has forgotten the photographer and their camera.

Project-Based Photography at its Finest

Every photography session, wedding, event, and commercial shoot benefits from our project-based mindset.

Collaborative Photography Sessions

We collaborate with our clients and engage them in the entire process guarantees every image they receive reflects who they are and what they desire.

Their vision, personality, and character influence every image, while our trained eye and technical know-how guide and interprets. Every photography session benefits from this process, and every session is unique. 

From initial contact to print selection and delivery, our collaborative approach delivers exceptional results.

A blonde boy peers from around an old milk carton decorated for autumn. A forest path as background.
A young couple pose for their engagement session along an old railroad overlooking an autumn valley.

Planning, Preparation, and Delivery

We apply basic photography principles to the dynamic needs of our clients and then deliver eye-catching results that speak for themselves.

Whether we're helping plan your wedding celebration or climbing to the perfect location for a family portrait, we're looking at the big picture and the fine detail to ensure every photograph delivers the vibrant and evocative look we expect for our clients.

Open Minded and Flexible

Every idea for a photograph must begin somewhere and it takes a dynamic approach to bring the best images to life.

Challenging Our Creativity

Photography is our passion. It drives us to explore, learn, adapt, and create.

We continuously train to see light, texture, and color in an uncommon fashion. Through various props, patterns, poses, backdrops, and equipment we love bringing an idea to life.

A young woman stands in front of a stylized logo with her name and colored lightning overhead.
A winged warrior and glowing blade stands off against a giant bear as two others flank her.

Creating Digital Art

We also create various forms of digital art as a way to learn, express, and decompress. Many of our creative projects are influenced by the same aesthetic as our photographs—rich color, contrast, and character.

We are currently looking for places to display our artwork, so if you or anyone you know is interested in displaying or purchasing, please contact us.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is where our adventure started. Nathan loves exploring nature for a spot of light and an interesting subject. He will spend hours waiting for a sunset or wake up on the coldest days for a beautiful sunrise.

We have many photographs for sale in our storefront. Check out what we have, or contact us about an image you'd like to have.

Predawn color streaks from behind a silhouette shoreline. Mist and purple colors dominate.