Dawn's Preceding Light

By far, Dawn's Preceding Light is Nathan's most renowned image. Exhibited in Athens, Greece, this modest photograph has received many achievements in online competitions and received recognition from established artists.

The story behind Dawn's Preceding Light has many lessons for Nathan and resembles his life experience. First, there's the lesson in patience because Nathan returned to this location three days before capturing this final image. Three days to no avail, yet he returned feeling in his bones that there was something to be had at this particular location.

There are lessons in humility because Nathan has to admit that he could barely call himself an amateur when he made this image. Yet, with the barest idea of what he was doing, he was able to create what might be considered a masterpiece image. And furthermore, Nathan didn't recognize the value of this image at first. His wife encouraged him to see that this image had a quality he couldn't yet see and persisted until he could finally recognize that this image wasn't like all the others he'd created.

Finally, there's the lesson in staying focused because Nathan almost missed this shot because he woke up later than the other days and opted to stop for a bite to eat. Either one might not have made the story quite as compelling, but the two together made for quite the predicament.

Driving to the location, Nathan recognized that the sky was turning colors and his time was running out. However, a bit of rushed adrenaline kept him on point as he rushed to the Thurman W. Dix Reservoir in Orange, VT, ran to set up his camera, and fired a few shots.

Trusting his instincts, he made hasty decisions that ended up paying off because this image is the result.

You'll understand all the earlier mentioned modesty for anyone who has ever visited this particular location will tell you; the Thurman W. Dix Reservoir is relatively featureless.

It's a plain body of water that, in daylight, leaves little to the imagination. However, as Dawn's Preceding Light demonstrates, there's magic in the air if you're willing to search for it.

More than any other, this image reminds Nathan that his art, much like life, requires him to wake up early, get out often, and persevere even when he thinks all is for naught. 

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