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Edward F Knapp Sunset

After a long afternoon of searching for subjects to photograph, Nathan began his journey home, but he found himself called to one last photograph on this particular day.

Edward F Knapp Airport's far side has a slight rise to look over the small airplanes tethered to the tarmac, and, sensing a stellar sunset, Nathan set up his camera.

He waited over an hour for this image to come to fruition, making slight adjustments with the changing light. Of course, minutes and seconds can make all the difference in landscape images, but Nathan hoped he would get the picture he had envisioned despite the long wait.

As the clouds rolled along the sky, lazily crafting new shapes and shadows, Nathan kept his eyes on many small details. The clouds, of course, and the way the light bounced off the wings, the flowered hillside, and the telephone lines off in the distance.

One final element was of concern for Nathan on that day. It's hard to see, but a couple of people attended to one of the distant planes and may have been preparing for takeoff. Although he initially wished they were not present in the image, this small detail adds to the life of this photograph and sets it, even if only slightly, in time. 

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