Pastel Forest

Pastel Forest is but a glimpse of all the beauty found on the network of trails that comprises the Millstone Trail system. This image captures a lot without overwhelming the senses, filling the frame with a subtle hint of fog, white birch bark, quarried stone, steel fencing, graffiti, and autumn foliage.

Captured one early morning, Nathan worked his camera into position to balance every aspect of the scene into the image. As a result, the stone tower feels hefty and dominates the right side while giving just a hint of the graffiti that existed that day which somehow added to the color palette without being offensive.

Squeezing in on the bottom left of the frame, a few iron rods and a thin network of steel hint at the hazard hidden just off the page, and the smattering of white birch pulls against the many hues and tones which would otherwise fall into disarray.

A light fog dapples the treetops and balances the darkened path dampened in the early morning mist.

Overall, the image gives a sense of peace which is the primary feeling Nathan is looking for when he's out in the field.

If you would like to visit the Millstone Trails, we recommend checking out the various maps available. The trails stretch across Websterville, Graniteville, and East Barre, providing ample opportunity for non-motorized outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy over 1,500 acres of historical terrain. Although you're never far from civilization, you can easily spend more time here than you think if you're not paying attention.

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