Still Waters

Still Waters exists because Nathan's father introduced him to the joys of camping when he was young and to Putnam Pond when he was older. On one of their many annual camping trips, Nathan, his dad, and two brothers set up camp on one of the remote sites on the far side of Putnam Pond, and Nathan, enjoying camping as much as he does, couldn't sleep.

These circumstances and his love for landscape photography put him on task collecting this image. The canoe in the water is a relatively simple fiberglass construction but serves the purpose for this idyllic image.

Wishing for a spectacular sunrise, Nathan initially felt disappointed at the nearly barren sky but, to this day, remains pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the gradient of light is in this image. Barely rippling water and a cloudless sky make for a quiet and calming environment that effortlessly pulls him back to the campsite every time he pauses to reflect upon it.

He will forever remember his dad's love for this particular site and the hauntingly beautiful call of the loons that often reside here. So if you ever need a peaceful place to relax, we highly recommend finding yourself on the shore of a remote campsite somewhere in the Adirondacks. Putnam Pond is undoubtedly a favorite in this family.

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