Twin Silo Barn

On a full-day adventure, Nathan opted to venture his way toward one of his childhood homes. Little did he know, but the barn depicted in Twin Silo Barn is a property his family once resided at one and two generations before.

It's an idyllic barn that, in this image, is beginning to show signs of disrepair. Sadly, since the creation of this image, the barn has started falling quite quickly and may soon be another missing piece of rural Vermont heritage.

You may see a barn, but Nathan is reminded of photography's important preservatory role. Of course, just like this barn, nothing lasts forever and can disappear in a moment. However, a photograph is an excellent way to connect history and the present moment and propel them into the future.

Like so many others, this image transcended time and connected Nathan to a piece of his history he hadn't previously known, and for that, he will always be thankful. 

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