The Anchor

I am steadfast and conservative, and yet my attention to detail has always lent itself to my creative endeavors. In essence, I am Nathan's anchor. Hence, Dream Anchor Photography.
My fear of the unknown has controlled me most of my life. So, when Nathan came to me wanting to make photography his profession, I was afraid of the unknown. Instead of allowing my fears to crush his dreams, I brushed aside those fears and decided to embrace the chaos of starting a business while also working part-time, being a Pure Haven consultant, and raising three young children.
  • I enjoy nature. There is peace there seldom found elsewhere.
  • I am a natural momma; I believe in providing the safest, healthiest options for our family.
  • I believe in researching and knowing the facts.
  • Every detail matters
I have had a love of photography my whole life. Whether it was looking at other people's art or being behind the camera myself, I have kept photography close to my heart since my first photography class in elementary school. There we learned not only how to use a camera, but also to develop film and make prints (yes, this all occurred well before digital photography) and continued into college and beyond.
So as you choose us as your photographers for your event, be it big or small, rest assured that you will receive my creative imagination and my ability to anchor things in reality.