Our Portfolio

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.

Stylized quotation marks
Stylized quotation marks.

~Dorothea Lange~

Curating our photography portfolio is our way of expressing who we are and what we do. From portraits to candids and still-lifes to details, these photographs represent the scope of our photographic endeavors, our ability to create consistent images, and our unique style.

Photography begins, first and foremost, with light, and you cannot define light without shadows, so we seek to capture as much contrast in our photos as possible. Shadows give essential depth to photographs and inform us about shape, texture, and color.

We also enjoy capturing the whole gamut of colors available in a scene, and this often means modifying available light with studio-style equipment. As you look through our images, you'll notice how often we capture incredible detail in the sky while maintaining a focus on our clients. This detail is one of the key features we look for in an image.


Other photographers' images don't necessarily offer this level of detail. On a bright day, you'll notice blank, pure-white skies devoid of interest. And, although not every image can have this quality, it is something we look to replicate as often as possible.