Adapting to Circumstances on Your Wedding Day

As we continue to grow our business and take on more brides and grooms as clients, especially with the advent of Covid-19, we are also learning just how important flexibility is in our industry.

In the last several months, we've had several engaged couples who have had to make the hard decision to postpone their wedding days. We've had couples follow through with their wedding day, albeit on a smaller scale by far. Some of these couples lost deposits because vendors have gone out of business.

To say these are turbulent times is an understatement.

We've shared some of our clients' hardships, shedding tears for the harder stories that hit close to home, and that's been an unexpected blessing our business has brought us. When you say you want to start photographing weddings, you know you're entering into people's lives at a pivotal moment, but you can't fully realize what that means until you're doing it. It is similar to parenting. Bless all you future parents!

Engagement Video Session

Everyone has to adapt to far-reaching circumstances such as global pandemics, but every wedding is also subject to more localized phenomena such as inclement weather, family health, and budgets. Although smaller in scope than an epidemic, these circumstances still loom larger-than-life as your wedding day approaches and can feel overwhelming because you want the perfect day.

For some, a wedding day has been a dream event for most of their lives, and they've invested tens of thousands of dollars on their special day. For others, the day is an intimate affair with only a few people who've touched their lives in the most meaningful way.

Intimate and Casual Wedding Party

Whatever the case, your wedding day is supposed to be a fantastic day and no one in the business of helping you enjoy your wedding wants anything less than that for you.

As your photographer, we provide several services that help you get the day you deserve. And most of those services are not readily found on our website, or anywhere else—they're intangible. The closest you can get to those intangibles, short of talking with us to better understand our business model and mindset, is to see our work and read reviews from previous clients.

As you enter into the market, you begin looking for several things:

  1. You want someone who creates imagery that will be meaningful to you years down the road that is easy on the eye and enjoyable to see. You're looking for an artist with style.

  2. You want your chosen professional to create the level of imagery, you envision no matter what happens—you want consistency.

  3. You want a professional who knows they're in the people business as much as they're in the photography business—kindness counts.

The last item you're looking for has to do with money, and that you can find on our website, but the first three? There's a certain degree of uncertainty to them. That's why finding your photographer or any other professional for that matter can indeed be difficult.

We do what we can with our website to demonstrate the quality of our work, but the real work begins once you make your first inquiry.

Our goal is to be a human first. Photographic talents and business acumen are necessities in our line of work, and anyone serious about this industry can bring that to your wedding. We decided a long time ago that we wanted to serve others the way we want to be served. That decision allows us the flexibility we enjoy, and we can't wait to bring that aspect of ourselves to your wedding.

Please, if our website has you wondering whether we're the photographer for your wedding day, ask us about our free consultations. We enjoy investing in getting to know our clients and learning about how they envision their wedding day going.

Beautiful Flowers from a Recent Consultation

Everyone has an idea of how they want their wedding day to look. Our job is to understand that, and then help you have the best day you can! Even when circumstances outside your control influence your day.

Take care, everyone. Thanks for looking us up, we hope to hear from you soon.

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