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Journeying into Off-Camera Flash with Jason Lanier and Godox Lighting

Behind the Scenes Fashion Shoot with model lightstands, and beautiful scenery.
Using Multiple Lights
Infographic showing the relationship between photographer, subject, and equipment in a natural setting.
A mockup of one of our lighting setups

The Story

Photographers are born explorers, always trying to elevate their craft and unveil fresh dimensions in their art. We share this spirit of relentless curiosity and a deep appreciation for the interplay of light and shadow in our images. While natural light has undeniable allure, its unpredictability and near-static application sometimes hinder our creative aspirations. Hence, our exhilarating journey into the world of off-camera flash.

Mastering off-camera flash wasn't a stroll in the park but undeniably worth every effort. This newfound tool empowered us to take the reins of our photography, transforming our visions into vibrant, captivating visual tales. With the touch of a button, we sculpted light into breathtaking, dynamic scenes that transcended the confines of natural light. Our canvas of creativity expanded, allowing us to experiment with lighting setups and techniques that awakened our technical prowess and offered fresh perspectives.

Off-camera flash quickly became an indispensable part of our photography arsenal. It gave us the superpower to capture stunning images in any lighting situation, unleashing the full force of our creative potential. Our work started to stand out, pushing the boundaries of what we could achieve.

Yet, our journey with off-camera flash was about more than technical prowess; it was an exploration of innovation. It was about pushing our creative boundaries, daring to see beauty where others may not. It was an invitation to discover the extraordinary in the everyday.

Our journey with off-camera flash was an organic extension of our love for photography, a natural progression that led us to new heights and allowed us to see the world in a new light.

Gentlemen poses for his headshot in a sunny outdoor environment under a tree
Capturing All the Details

As we delved deeper into the realm of off-camera flash, the boundless expanse of the internet became our guide. Jason Lanier's YouTube channel shone the brightest among the many resources we could find.

Jason Lanier: A Wealth of Inspiration and Knowledge

Jason Lanier, a master of his craft, breathed life into off-camera flash, creating mesmerizing visual stories. His videos weren't just tutorials; they were wellsprings of inspiration. Each frame told a tale, and every word was a gem of wisdom. We returned to his videos repeatedly, eager to soak up his expertise.

Through Jason's lens, we sought to understand flash units, triggers, and the art of shaping light. He unraveled the mysteries of setting up and fine-tuning our lighting, generously sharing his wealth of tips and tricks, from the subtleties of reflector use to the nuances of composition.

The most valuable lesson we learned from Jason was the art of experimentation. He championed the spirit of trial and error, urging us to embrace the unknown, make mistakes, and learn from them.

In addition to Jason's mentorship, we combed the vast expanse of the internet, devouring articles, immersing ourselves in fellow photographers' videos, and actively participating in online forums and communities. We were sponges, absorbing knowledge and, in the process, evolving as photographers.

Through this process of learning and experimentation, we honed our skills and witnessed a transformation in our work. Our confidence in wielding off-camera flash soared, and we gained a fresh perspective, allowing us to capture the world in breathtaking and unconventional ways.

Looking back, we're immensely grateful for the wealth of knowledge and inspiration we found online, primarily through Jason Lanier's enlightening videos. These resources have elevated our photography and deepened our reverence for the art and science of lighting. Our journey continues, and we eagerly anticipate the uncharted territories.

Motorcyclist poses next to his motorcycle for his portrait in a warehouse
Complex Lighting Arrangement

Godox Lighting, An Easy Choice

Our photographic journey, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, has been greatly enriched by our unwavering trust in the Godox brand. In our quest to push the boundaries of creativity, we've carefully curated our gear, relying exclusively on Godox equipment to illuminate our visions. The cornerstone of our lighting arsenal is the Godox AD400 Pro, a true workhorse that has consistently delivered exceptional results in various shooting scenarios.

The Godox AD400 Pro*, with its robust 400W output and impeccable build quality, is the anchor of our setup. It provides the powerful punch of light to sculpt our scenes, whether we're shooting dramatic portraits, dynamic fashion spreads, or captivating outdoor compositions. Its versatility is a boon, allowing us to adapt and conquer any lighting challenge.

To complement our AD400 Pro, we've embraced the Godox TT685S*, not one, but two. These dedicated on-camera flashes explicitly designed for Sony systems have seamlessly integrated into our workflow. Their compatibility with Sony's TTL metering system ensures precise flash exposure every time, even in fast-paced shooting environments.

With the TT685S units and our trusty AD400 Pro, we've ventured into multi-light setups, using them both as on-camera flashes and remotes. The Godox X1Ts remote trigger and the XPro II S trigger have been our faithful companions in this endeavor. These triggers provide seamless wireless control, enabling us to orchestrate the interplay of light with ease and precision. With a simple remote click, we can unleash our creative potential and craft compelling visuals that resonate with our artistic vision.

Our Godox lineup is complete with our arsenal of light-shaping tools. The 47" Octobox, 27" strip light and the ever-reliable beauty dish are our artistic brushes, helping us mold light into breathtaking forms. These modifiers, designed to work seamlessly with Godox equipment, allow us to experiment, refine, and capture the nuances of light, thereby elevating our photography to new heights.

Through countless shoots and a myriad of lighting setups, our reliance on Godox has been unwavering. We've come to appreciate the technical prowess of their products and the reliability and consistency they bring to our craft. As passionate photographers, our journey is characterized by the relentless pursuit of perfection, and Godox has proven to be our steadfast ally in this pursuit.

Godox's commitment to innovation and quality has been a source of inspiration in our ever-evolving quest to tell visual stories that resonate. It's no exaggeration to say that our creative vision has been amplified, thanks to the incredible synergy between our artistic intent and the capabilities of Godox equipment.

A bride and groom pose in a brightly lit field at midday
Conquering the Midday Sun with OCF

As we continue to explore the boundaries of our craft, we look forward to the countless moments of discovery and inspiration that Godox will undoubtedly bring to our photography. It's a brand that has earned our trust and admiration, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting chapters that lie ahead in our photographic journey, illuminated by the brilliance of Godox.

The Specs

Godox AD400 Pro

The Godox AD400 Pro* is a powerful, versatile, portable strobe flash unit for professional photographers. It is known for its exceptional build quality and advanced features. Some key characteristics include:

  • Powerful Output: The AD400 Pro delivers high flash output, typically around 400Ws (watt-seconds). This makes it suitable for various photography styles, including portrait, fashion, and outdoor photography.

  • Wireless Compatibility: It is equipped with built-in wireless capabilities, allowing it to be easily controlled remotely using Godox's proprietary wireless triggering system. This feature simplifies off-camera flash setups and creative lighting arrangements.

  • Battery-Powered: The AD400 Pro is designed for use on-location, thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. This portable power source ensures you can use the flash in various outdoor settings without relying on AC power.

  • TTL and HSS: It supports TTL (Through-The-Lens) metering, enabling automatic flash exposure control when used with compatible cameras. Additionally, it offers High-Speed Sync (HSS), allowing you to use fast shutter speeds for creative effects.

  • Versatility: The AD400 Pro comes with various interchangeable modifiers and accessories, making it adaptable to different lighting scenarios. It's often used with soft boxes, beauty dishes, and other light-shaping tools.

Godox TT685S

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