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Dressing For Fall Photos

Knowing what to wear for your fall photography sessions can be daunting. There's already so many colors demanding attention!

What should I wear to my fall photography sessions?

As one of Vermont's Certified Professional Photographers, we get this question a lot.

The truth is, every season presents its color palette challenges, but Autumn has a special place on the color spectrum, pulling every kind of warm tone that exists during peak season. The sheer level of vibrant colors demands the viewers' attention, and it can often feel like you're competing with all of that color. The best colors to wear during autumn foliage complement what is already in the scene or at least don't compete with them. Autumn photos often benefit from warm, off-white tones, browns, and navy blues.

Orange, mustard yellows, greys and warm berry colors work well too.

Here's a handy resource you can save right on your phone for reference:

All in all, it doesn't actually take much to get amazing images in autumn, but choosing the right colors is important. Here's a few samples from autumn sessions we've done in the past. Check them out and let us know about your ideal photography session here.


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