Editing for Social Media and Other Lessons

I never imagined I would edit my writing to satisfy social media constraints, but I am doing precisely that.

My habit of sharing my photography through various media platforms has been proceeding wonderfully. That is...until now.

I believe it derives from writing this blog.

Previously, I wrote short pieces describing a single photograph and the reason for its creation. I enjoyed writing these pieces, and I still do. It is an informal, easy-to-put-together writing style with few constraints.

With the blog, I started writing longer pieces. Which quickly put me up against the digital constraints of Instagram.

Did you know that Instagram requires a character limit of twenty-two hundred characters?

I didn't.

Why tell you this? Because it was noteworthy, and it might help you in your own endeavors.

For me, Instagram isn't about photography alone. It is an outlet for my need to self-express, and writing about photography is as important as photography itself. Through writing, I gain clarity.

After all of that, there is this need; this desire to share my work with the outside world. By choosing Instagram to do this, I must learn to work within that system's constraints.

So, that is what this post is about; learning how to accomplish something I've always aspired to do.

If you're out there feeling you don't have the necessary tools to accomplish your desires, then I suggest you start figuring it out. One day at a time. One challenge after another.

I'm finally doing that, and it feels better than I ever imagined.

Best Regards,


PS- If you want to see the post that inspired this article take a look here.

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