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Hiring the Best Photographer for Your Event

Staying one step ahead of naysayers and liability counters is a best business practice. Of course, it may seem absurd that an event photographer must carry general liability coverage. However, we assure you it's one of the first things you should ask any photographer you're looking to hire, especially if you want to have your event at historic and iconic locations.

Many of the most beautiful venues in the world want to know their interests are protected, and the act of photography represents a sizable risk. Imagine a photographer moving a group of people at an event for the perfect pose, and in doing so, one or several people get injured. Who's to blame? Or perhaps somebody knocks over the photographer's equipment damaging the equipment and injuring somebody in the process.

The hand of an event photographer chooses insurance in a stylized image.

Photographing at Premier Locations: Why Hiring an Event Photographer with Insurance Coverage is Ideal

As event photographers, we have learned the importance of a general liability policy through experience. Venues have asked us to provide proof of insurance before being granted access. We quickly realized that not carrying insurance could have cost us the job and potentially harmed our reputation.

Imagine hiring a photographer near your wedding day; nobody discusses the legal aspects beforehand, and your venue requires protection.

Our coverage has given us peace of mind, allowed us to confidently pursue jobs at iconic locations, and gives us a competitive edge.

For instance, a client recently asked us to photograph their engagement at a historic venue that required proof of insurance. With the expertise to handle that request, we ordered a certificate of insurance, provided the necessary documentation within a few days, and secured the job.

Peace of Mind for Cherished Occasions

Some clients even prefer to work with event photographers with insurance coverage whether their venue requires it. They've decided they don't want to be responsible for an accident involving their hired professional or equipment. It may not seem possible, but who wants legal stress on a day that is supposed to be cherished?

When we began Dream Anchor Photography, we purchased a General Liability Insurance policy to protect ourselves and our clients. Unfortunately, we didn't realize we were creating value for our clients and making ourselves a more versatile photography team. We would have used it sooner if we knew the importance of having a General Liability Insurance policy.

In any event, we had to learn from experience.

Hassle-Free Photography

So, if you want professional photography, consider the venue's requirements and hire the right photographer. It saves you a lot of hassle.

Thankfully, we've not needed to make any claims, but our policy's value goes beyond mere protection. We're delighted that we can access some of the most iconic places for our photography clients and offer peace of mind even in the most stressful situations. So if you're interested in hiring a professional photographer ready to photograph your event at a premier location, please let us know by reaching out on our contact page.


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