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Hiring Dream Anchor Photography For Your Wedding

Bride and Father walk arm in arm on her wedding day
Every wedding is unique; from naturally elegant to intricately luxurious, many variables influence this most memorable occasion and the resulting keepsakes stemming from it.

Our Approach

As wedding photographers, my wife and I maintain a project-based mindset for your special day. We believe the full package includes a flexible approach with open communication which minimizes surprises and leaves room for changing circumstances.

Initial Contact

From the moment our clients first contact us, we seek to understand their vision and communicate our particular role in bringing that vision to life. That initial contact has a single goal, creating rapport. This process is a two-way process, a give-and-take if you will, and it sets the stage for every action that follows.

Suppose a couple elects to hire us, and we agree to cover their wedding. In that case, it means we've begun a significant relationship—one of great importance that will significantly impact that couple's wedding day. It is a tremendous honor to be hired by our clients, and we treat the entire process with that notion foremost in our mind.

Planning Your Wedding

No couple approaches us with every detail confirmed, hence our project-based mindset. A wedding happens many times before the actual event. It occurs when the couple first envisions it, and then it occurs many times as they work with various professionals and family members to bring everything together. Some details change. Whether due to necessity or desire, these changes bring the wedding closer to reality. Hence, yet again, our project-based mindset.

Bride and groom pose against a white fence on their wedding day.
Intimate and casual weddings became more common in 2020.

Your Special Day

On the day of any wedding, there's a particularly exciting commotion that always occurs. Reality and plans unfold in a rush. When properly planned, everyone is ready. There's an efficient methodology; choreographed chaos, if you will. As part of your professional team and as your photographers, we capture this extraordinary occasion for you and turn it into a series of memorable images, but we also do so much more.

Our earliest efforts in building rapport, and our flexible approach, creates peace of mind. Through regular communication and open dialogue, we have come to understand what is essential to our clients. Changing circumstances do not deter us from capturing the essence of your special day. In a way, your day is what it will be, and we are there to capture it.

A newly married couple share an intimate moment.
Love is a readily visible force of nature that lends itself to creating excellent photographs.


Our services don't end when your wedding does. Depending upon what services you've hired us for, there are numerous steps for us to complete. From editing images to designing keepsakes, there's a lot of work we do to enhance the value we deliver to our clients.

This post-processing is an intense, multi-step process that can take several weeks, but we assure you, the final results are worth it. We have dedicated years to streamlining the methods we use, and although we cannot promise specific delivery dates, especially during the busiest season, we do promise quality.


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