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Introducing Our Custom Wedding Albums


We're proud to introduce our Custom Wedding Albums. We've partnered with a fantastic vendor who helps us design, print and deliver these elegant keepsakes. With a wrapped print cover and heavy-weight paper inside, the rich tones of your wedding photographs will last for many years to come.

One of our favorite aspects of these albums is their ability to lay flat for easier viewing and display. They look great sitting on the mantle, coffee table, and bookshelves of your home.

When you select our Diamond Sequence or add some of our Videography to your wedding sequence, you also have the option of adding quotes to your album for an even more personalized keepsake. Every album we design fits neatly within your personalized keepsake box, which is excellent for all your mementos from garters, flower pressings, gifts, cards, and more.

If you have any questions about these albums or our creative process, contact us for a consultation, and we'll go over the details with you.

Check out our wedding services page for more details about our custom wedding sequences. We'll be adding more videos to our YouTube page soon.


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