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Moss Glen Falls South of Warren, VT

There is a depth and appreciation I have for Moss Glen Falls along Route 100 just south of Warren Vermont. Few of Vermont's waterfalls hold the same majesty as this, and it is arguably one of the easiest to travel to and yet remains largely untouched by humans. Yes there is a wooden bridge to bring tourists and passers-by within spitting distance of the falls, and yes route 100 presses up against the babbling brook just below its termination, but those are minor details when in the presence of this waterfall.

Rushing waterfall in a forest pours into wide stream
Moss Glen Falls, Warren, VT. Photographed: 4/19/19 f11, 1/60s, ISO 100 on a Rokinon 12mm/Sony a6000

On a day such as this, with the water gushing and mist spraying, you're not likely to notice any of these afore mentioned details.

Even here, where nature and humanity brush up against one another, it is easy to get lost in nature. On this particular occasion the sound of the rushing falls is what draws me in more than anything. That and the mist that is pouring off the falls with a desperate desire to soak everything within a hundred yards of this location.  It's not always like this.

Moss Glen Falls is always majestic, but not with such a torrent of energy. In winter it is the deep cold of the valley that gives this waterfall its majesty, and in the summer the serene calm that can befall the falls despite their height. But in spring, it is the power of the falls. 

There is still ice in the valley, but not here. Here there has been too much water. Every trickling ounce of water has worked against the ice and pulled it down the brook in ever greater amounts until it has all disappeared.

On this day, it is cold, raw, and yet somehow still comfortable. I could stay and enjoy this location for a great many hours losing myself in the powerful calm that is the sound of rushing water. I could stay here and indulge, but alas...I must move along.

I didn't come to enjoy this moment for more than a few minutes and I've already stayed longer than I thought I would. Such is the power of this place. With my soul full of the natural beauty this place has chosen to impart I am off in search of my next photographic experience.

Until next time. Stay safe. Enjoy your day. Find something to be happy about, and remember, there is beauty to be found all around us. It can be in the power of a waterfall, or in the smile on someone's face. We're all in this life together and I can't wait to share my next journey with you.

Best Regards,



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