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New Adventures in Writing and Photography

Dear Family, Friends, and Followers,

It is high time I start sharing my creative endeavors with other people. I have long wanted to partake in the creative arts, but I have never truly felt up to the challenge. Throughout my years, I have been challenged to bring forth my ideas through various mediums. The mediums necessitating I summon an image from the depths of my mind, and then create it in the physical realm, has always been difficult for me. Perhaps the part of me that demands a certain level of skill or perfection wouldn't allow it. Perhaps I never gave myself that chance I deserved. Whatever the case, I'm here now with a modicum of talent at photography and language.

I love making photographs, and I love writing about them. Exploring my world with a camera in hand, and then reflecting on what I create with that camera, feels like an extension of myself and the entire process lends itself to sharing. So, I am starting a blog.

I will be sharing photographs, and the stories behind them, on this blog. Many of these pieces have been shared in other avenues, but are spread out over the internet in a fashion where few people, myself included, would be able to track down all of them.

Together, this body of work (for that is what it will be) will amount to a large collection of my photographic endeavors, my authorial pursuits, and a glimpse into me as a person. I don't expect anyone to read this blog. I don't necessarily want it to go anywhere amazing. I just want it to exist. I want to enjoy the process of creating it.

For anyone who does choose to follow along, I hope you get something out of it. Whatever that may be.

For now, please enjoy a small selection of my already created works. I will be adding to it shortly.

Until next time, stay safe and go out and explore your world; there is always something to discover.

Best Regards,



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