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21st Century Photography and Our Print Quality Guarantee

Creating great photographs in this digital age is, in some ways, more complicated than in previous years. Our customers expect multiple methods of interacting with and receiving their images. Gone are the days when a photographer controlled every aspect of the printing process to guarantee quality.

Customers desire more flexibility, and our digital-first business model meets that need by providing our customers with high-resolution, print-ready images. We also grant our customers the right to print those images in whatever personal capacity they desire. (See our Print Release and Copyright Notice for more details)

With that in mind and knowing that our customers will ultimately print some of the images we produce, it is also in our interest to protect our image quality, which acts as our company's face in so many ways.

That is why we have decided to offer you our Print Quality Guarantee (.

Our Print Quality Guarantee states that we will:

  • Stand behind, and replace prints a customer orders directly through our provided print services when that produced print does not meet our customers' expectations regarding color, clarity, finish, or condition.

  • Communicate professionally and respectfully with our customers regarding the specifics of their dissatisfaction to better understand what corrections are needed. (This may include requesting proof from our customer regarding their concerns.)

  • Act quickly to address the customers' concerns and set clear expectations with our customers.

  • Make any adjustments deemed, in our professional opinion, necessary to the digital image to rectify the customer's specific circumstances.

  • Work directly with our partners to complete any necessary reorders.

  • Maintain this guarantee for the same duration we maintain your final gallery (typically one year) plus ten calendar days to accommodate for shipping.

Our Print Quality Guarantee does not:

  • Cover any prints created through any other vendors, services, or labs.

  • Grant our customers a method of receiving more prints than they purchased initially.

  • Cover environmental damages other than those that occurred during the delivery of the printed images.

  • Cover accidental losses, including those from customer neglect or mishandling.

  • Grant creative license or editing rights for the customer, or anyone else, to correct, edit or modify their images for any purpose.


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