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Shooting Our Signature Style of Photography

Have you ever created a photo and wished you could see the people's faces better?

So have we. That's why we create our signature style.

Anyone with a camera and a basic understanding of light can create a photograph, but we go beyond basic. We create art with our images, and we have dialed in on a few aspects of our signature style.

We're always talking about rich colors, dynamic contrast, and detailed backgrounds, but what does that mean? How can someone who isn't as versed in the technical details tell what makes our images different from our competitors?

To begin answering those questions, consider this; we come to each session prepared to modify the scene to suit our needs. We bring studio-style lighting on every shoot and then measure and interpret the available light, taking into account how that will translate in camera. From there, we add and adjust various degrees of light to each image compensating for amount, color, and quality all along the way.

This method has us carrying extra equipment to get the shots that some other photographers cannot replicate. For example, try photographing someone with the sun directly behind them. What kind of image will you create?

When all you have is a camera, there are two ways to do this:

Exposing for Your Subject

You can expose for your subject. This will have your background blown out (pure white) and will often create haze and flare in your image. Details get lost in the highlights, in the haze, and in the flare. If you all you have is your camera and you want to shoot into the sun, this method will typically suit your needs better than the next.

Exposed for the Subject

Exposing for the Background

Exposing for the background returns color, contrast, and detail back into your highlights, but leaves your subject underexposed. This method is great if you want to create a silhouette of your subject, but what about when you want details in the highlights and your subject?

Exposed for the Background

This is Where Studio-Style Equipment Becomes Necessary

Where other photographers may not choose to create this image style (i.e., they'll photograph in a different environment), we love this photography style. The extra detail, rich colors, and dynamic contrast makes for an eye-popping photograph that you don't get on your iPhone, or even with a high end DSLR camera. You have to add and modify light to get this effect. And although bringing studio-style equipment with us to every photography session is a challenging part of our business. It rewards us and our clients with a number of benefits in even the least flattering lighting conditions Mother Nature has to offer.

Our Signature Style

From creative flexibility to consistent results, taking studio-style lighting on every photography session is an important aspect of our work. Whether that means carrying our equipment up a hillside, across an abandoned fort, or in your backyard, we're excited for the opportunity to do what we do best: Creating images in any lighting condition and in nearly any environment.


To have us create our signature style for you: schedule your session today.

Our Signature Style
What it takes to create our Signature Style


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