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Some Surprising and Hidden Lessons Nathan Learned By Becoming A Photographer

Here's something that has surprised me a lot about photography. Photography is more about stories light, the appreciation of them, the science behind them, and how the human eye and brain interpret them than it is about putting beautiful things in front of a lens. Surprising, I know! But take this into consideration; have you ever seen a picture of something ugly, and yet found it to be a compelling image? A dilapidated barn, or perhaps a dirty street corner?

There are millions of images that depict otherwise unsightly subject material and yet are interesting and provocative images. How is that? It's because that image sparked interest through story and, at its core, it used light to do that.

Artistic photograph of a human eye.

And then, in this day and age, photography is also a lot about programming, coding, file management, and time management. I did not imagine when I first picked up a camera, that these were the things I would be learning about. But they are vital aspects of my business. On the surface, I create images, communicate with customers, and edit photos. But I also, learn and code programs to do what I want them to do, and then I structure and orient those various systems to keep all of those files working in the manner I need them to.

photography software coding 3d graphic

For example, I code Adobe Photoshop to apply specific edits I use regularly. And, in doing so, I turn a 17, 30, or 50-step process into a click of a button. And that doesn't devalue the work!

On the contrary, that adds value to the job because it's something I know I would do anyway. Moreover, those programs automate my manual processes, letting the computer do the rough work I've been doing for the last five years.

Composite image of a hand touching a digital button with many digital paths branching away from it.

In turn, I can spend more time dealing with other aspects of my business, building better relationships, and fine-tuning my art. As a result, these processes, coding programs, and software have elevated my photography over the last three or four months.

But it all occurred in a way that I would never have imagined. Still, photography's technical and nitty-gritty aspects have helped move Dream Anchor Photography toward what I initially imagined.

And I look forward to being a great photographer for my clients every step of the way. I look forward to working with you. I look forward to letting my computers and the programs I've modified be a better service for you.

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