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What Makes Our Engagement Interviews Unique?

Other than never having heard of anyone offering this service, it is an ideal way to capture this moment in time before you get married. Whether you've been together for months or years, getting married is a momentous occasion that marks significant changes for most couples. The transition from dating to married life is different for everyone, and that's what makes documenting this time so important.

Whether you think things will change or not, life does move on, memories fade. The activities and behaviors leading up to marriage aren't necessarily those that continue well beyond your wedding date. You'll always be the same two people, but things will change for you, and documenting who you are today can be an anchor for when the winds change.

When you're young and dating, there's an energy that doesn't always follow into marriage if not tended. Having an immersive experience in your past selves is a great way to tie you together and remind you of who you were and why you got together in the first place. Our videos create an heirloom that transcends time, solidifies bonds, and restores memories. They also connect family, pass advice into the future, and build a foundation to which you can return.

Our Engagement Interviews, An Idea is Born

In 2018, when we had just started getting into the photography business, we came up with a novel idea to differentiate ourselves. Not directly related to photography, we still felt our concept had enough merit to pursue.

We followed through on that idea by creating a video of ourselves interviewing each other about our earliest days. That video became the prototype for our Engagement Video Sessions.

Our prototype had a lot to be desired, but the core concept showed promise. We took our newly created video to the 2109 Wedding Expo in Barre, Vermont, where it garnered a fair amount of attention and helped us earn the business of some of our earliest supporters.

Here's a highlight reel from that original video to get an idea of where it all started.


Present Day

It's been over a year since we first displayed our video at the Wedding Expo. Although we have postponed some aspects of our business since then, we have quickly approached our first opportunity to provide this service to our clients.

That reality is, for us, an exciting proposition. We get to see our idea come to life, and we get to capture this moment in time for our earliest supporters. Along the journey with them, we've already created their engagement photos, a teaser video from that session, and in just a few short months, we're going to be covering their wedding.

It truly is an exciting time for us, and we can't wait to see the final results.

Wrapping Up

In preparing for our upcoming Engagement Video Session with Renae and Damien, we will create a tips-and-tricks guide to being on camera and include some specifics about our process. It'll be something we can use to help potential clients understand what we're creating and how they can make the most of the experience.

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