The Dreamer

I am a dreamer. I fall in love with things that transport me to other places and other times. I get sucked into epic novels, grand movies, and dramatic plot lines. I relish nature in all its beauty, and I often lose myself in the mountains and woods surrounding me. If I could travel the world over, I would be at home.
I should have known that photography would be essential to my life, but I didn't discover photography until my mid-thirties. As a gift, I bought my wife an upgraded mirrorless camera and, in doing so, unwittingly began my journey down this road of discovering what photography could mean to me.
With a camera in hand, I finally discovered the piece of my life I had been missing, and now, having pieced myself together, I am ready to fulfill my dreams.
I am on a mission, and if you're reading this, then you have quite possibly become a part of that mission.
I hope your desire for great photography and my passion for creating said photography will intersect, and we will soon meet. I hope to serve you in your pursuits while fulfilling my own. In doing so, we both benefit.
My philosophy in life, and therefore in photography, is to stay relaxed. Photography is a business, and it is a serious business, but it is also about having fun, and if we're not having fun, then we're missing something, and I don't ever want to miss anything. Not another moment. Not another opportunity.
Please share your story with me. I will lose myself in your tale. I will travel into your place, your time, and capture your moment while you live your dream.