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Wedding Sequences

A young couple poses for their engagement session in an open field of autumn colors rimmed in sunlight.

Custom Sequence

Learn more about this sequence here:

Minimum of 2 hours


An array of sunflowers and dinner settings glimmer before a wedding.

Crystal Sequence

Learn more about this sequence here:

5 hours


A father and daughter walk toward the camera. She's wearing her wedding dress.

Pearl Sequence

Learn more about this sequence here:

6 hours


A rustic wedding cake sits upon a table inside of an old barn.

Sapphire Sequence

Learn more about this sequence here:

6 hours


Husband and wife sit on a rustic swing on their wedding day.

Diamond Sequence

Learn more about this sequence here:

8 hours


Our Wedding Consultations

We schedule 30-45 minutes for an initial wedding consultation. This is where we learn about you, and you learn about us. We get a high-level view of your day while you learn our personality, approach, methodology, and more.

We may not end the call with a final price, but we will be much closer to understanding what everyone's investment will look like. Depending upon where the consultation goes and how involved your plans are, we may follow up with multiple consultations.
If at any point you have any questions, or you are ready to begin discussing your special day...

Photographing Your Wedding


From the moment a bride first contacts us, we seek to understand how they envision their dream wedding and communicate our role as their photographer. A wedding happens many times before the actual event.


Every wedding is unique.


From natural elegance to intricate luxury, many variables influence your wedding occasion and the keepsakes stemming from it.


As photographers, my wife and I draw on our project-based mindset and our own wedding experience for your special day. We believe pairing a flexible approach with open communication guarantees the best results, minimizes surprises and leaves room for changing circumstances.

Take as much time as you need here. We designed our wedding sequences with transparency in mind. We'll be ready to go into more detail during our free consultation with you.

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