Crystal Sequence

Retail Value
5 hours
USB w/ all Final Images
Stylized, Layflat Wedding Album (7"x7")
High Resolution Digital Images
Stylized 12"x15" Keepsake Box
Commonly Added Options
Additional Hours
Upgrade Your Album to an 8"x10" Album
Choice of Framed 11"x14" Print or 16"x20" Wrapped Canvas
Engagement Photo Session
Additional Options
Additional Custom, Large Format Prints
Upgrade Your Album to an 11"x13" Album (Images Only)
Highlight Reel of Event
Engagement Interview Session w/video display
Video Guest Book
Dedicated 2nd Photographer
An array of sunflowers and dinner settings glimmer before a wedding.

Balanced elegance

Elegance is the art of careful simplicity, and you'll find exactly that with our Crystal Sequence. Polished and reserved, this sequence has everything you need and nothing you don't. Looking for a finishing touch? There's always the possibility of adding a 1-hour Engagement Photo Session, or perhaps your choice of a framed 11"x14" Print or 16"x20" Wrapped Canvas.