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You Should Budget for Professional Commercial Photography Services Today: Here's why.

Everyone knows that the internet is awash with images of every sort. Search engines have a knack for pulling images relevant to our search requests, but understanding how that all works and why it matters is another matter entirely.

yoga instructor practicse lunge yoga movement during epic sunset in a field of dandelions and grass while throwing sand in an arc. hands in front of sun looking upward with hair flowing.
Yoga Instructor, Andrea Thibaudeau, wanted to display the four primary elements in her commercial photoshoot.

As a business owner, you're fighting the uphill battle of ranking on Google and marketing your business. Still, there's a hidden secret locked away inside all those images we see every day, and you could start using it to your advantage if only you knew how.

Whether you're managing your website directly or have hired someone else to do it for you, there's a lot of value in having high-quality photographs that tap into the power of metadata.

You see, it's not all about great images, though they're important too because they represent your brand impression. The metadata (that behind-the-scenes stuff that search engines use to determine what's in a photo) has a lot of value for your business and can help drive traffic back to your website and, therefore, back to your business.

You or your website administrator may already use some metadata with titles, descriptions, keywords, and alt text, but what is your process? Are you hand typing every detail in line by line, image by image?

Isn't there a better way?

There is.

Writing Great Metadata for Your Commercial Photographs

Writing great metadata is tedious, but it also requires a creative mindset where each image has similar information but not overly repetitive. The more relevant the metadata, the more likely search engines pull those images and the articles or webpages linked to them.

four women pose in yoga and athletic attire under a cloudy sunrise in an open field of dandelions and grass.
Heart Space Yoga Instructor, Andrea Thibaudeau, and three of her yoga students.

If you're not yet utilizing metadata, you're behind the game, but the good news is that it doesn't take much to get started, especially if you happen to hire the right professional photographer.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we've spent a lot of time learning how to develop great images for our business and get them to rank on search engines.

We've developed a system of installing metadata into the images we create for our clients, including full titles, relevant descriptions, and high-ranking keywords. All of this translates to you and your web manager saving time and energy.

Dream Anchor Photography: Great Photography and More

We create word-of-mouth advertising for your small business.

Great photography will go a long way toward delivering your brand and to potential clients. It also gets you noticed by search engines which helps generate traffic. If you pair that with relevant and valuable articles and videos, then your content becomes shareable, and you're off to the races with the internet's version of word-of-mouth advertising.

For example, review our most recent commercial photography session with Heart Space Yoga in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont.

water pours into and out of a wooden bowl with black stones during golden hour while a person's hands hold the tipped bowl. the sun catches the light of the back light water and splashes in an open field of yellow and green grass. warm tones dominate.
We brought each of the elements with us to fulfill our client's wishes.

Andrea hired us to photograph her, some of her clients, and her yoga studio back in May of 2021. We not only created a series of images that she can use for the foreseeable future, but we also generated all the relevant metadata for her marketing guru.

That level of service will save them time and energy to invest in other aspects of her business. Our images have also created a buzz of activity for Andrea as she's started sharing them with her clients and friends. As she generates more content for her website, other websites will link to her articles, and her overall SEO ranking will increase.

Imagery is a big part of that, but the metadata matters too, and that's why we deliver more than just great photographs. Fighting to rank on search engines doesn't have to be done alone. Partnering up to share the workload and ensure all your bases are covered is part of our process.

We can't wait to connect with you and plan your next commercial photography project. Contact us today to start planning how our photography services can help you grow your business.


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