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Creating Social Media Images for Granite City Graphics

Not every project gives you the same creative latitude as our most recent project. Granite City Graphics, an up and coming local graphics and print business, allowed us to create stylized social media images for their Facebook page.

From hearing Travis' vision for the final image to working out details and revealing the final product, we enjoyed collaborating with him to make their vision come alive.

The concept started with a few parameters to fit Travis' needs and a source image for inspiration. With a little back and forth, we clarified his vision and demonstrated we understood what he was looking for. As we developed our plan, it became clear that a single photograph wouldn't produce the desired results, even though Travis needed only a single image.

The Shoot

We met Travis at his business and began creating several photographs of his team. Intending to create multiple images from which Travis could choose, we opted to capture various photos of his employees and had them pose accordingly.

employee posing with arms crossed, giving a little attitude as requested
Employee poses away from the flash, hands on hips, giving a little attitude toward the camera as requested

At the end of the shoot, we also fulfilled his request to capture his dog in-camera for possible inclusion into the final image. This decision turned out to be an excellent idea for everyone as his dog quickly became a focal point in the final image.


Getting Creative with PhotoShop

Upon returning home, and with his supplied logo, we went to work extracting and compiling the various images along with stock images we licensed through Adobe Stock. As the initial idea started to come together, it became clear that the original vision and collaboration paid off. The excitement began to grow with each new element added to the image.


Once we had that first image roughed in, we let our creative vision run free. In all the excitement, we ended up creating four variants based upon Travis' initial request. Then we designed several images to complement whatever image he decided would best suit his needs.


Wrapping Up

All in all, we created 20 images for him, four fulfilling his initial request to have a Facebook Cover Image for his business, three profile pictures that complemented his new brand image, and 13 individual stylized portraits of each employee.


We proudly presented Travis his images in person several days later. Seeing the excitement on his face and his employees as they viewed the images we had created was undoubtedly a treat, and we are glad they shared the same enthusiasm we felt while creating this project.


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