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Finding a Good Photographer Near You in the Digital Age: Mission Impossible?

A stylized depiction of how connected we are . A hand lays palm up in the air, blue icons glow depicting phones, emojis, laptops and more while lines connect each item to others.
Just How Connected Are We?

In today's digital interconnectedness and readily available camera technology, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that finding a good photographer near you would be a piece of cake. But boy, are you in for a surprise!

With so many options, it can be an absolute nightmare to navigate the sea of mediocre photographers and find someone who will capture your memories the way you want them to be remembered.

First, there's the issue of the "self-proclaimed photographer. You know the type: they have a smartphone camera, a Facebook page, and a few Instagram filters, and they're ready to call themselves a professional photographer. But let's be honest; taking a picture of your cat or food doesn't make you a professional photographer. Unfortunately, these "photographers" are everywhere, and distinguishing them from the real deal is often challenging.

Next, there's the issue of "digital overload." With so many photographers, how do you even narrow your options? Do you trust Google's search algorithm? Do you rely on the recommendations of friends and family? Or do you throw your hands up and hope for the best? Again, the options are endless, and the task can be overwhelming.

And once you've whittled down your options, you still have to deal with the "price shock."

A lady in a red dress shirt makes an exxagerated face of shock at her mobile phone.
The Face You Make When Value Does NOT Match Price

Unfortunately, good photographers don't come cheap; if you want quality, you must pay for it. But it's a tricky balancing act because you want to avoid overpaying for a mediocre photographer. Still, you also want to ensure you get quality and avoid ending up with blurry, poorly lit, and uninspiring photos.

Finally, there's the issue of the "portfolio paradox." Photographers design their portfolios to showcase their work and give you an idea of their style and quality. But what if their portfolio is full of stunning images, but they need to replicate that same quality for your photos? What if they only show their best work, and the rest is subpar? It's a paradox that can leave you feeling frustrated and confused.

In conclusion, finding a good photographer near you in this digital age of interconnectedness and prolific camera technology can feel impossible.

But don't despair! There is an answer to your dilemma.

As a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) through the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), we guarantee that we are committed to delivering the highest quality images to our clients.

Our designation demonstrates our ongoing education and professional development, our expertise and professionalism, our adherence to high industry standards, and our commitment to ethical conduct.

With our CPP designation, you can trust that you will receive images that capture your memories exactly the way you want to remember them, and that you will have a positive experience working with us.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our work and that you will be proud to showcase your images for years to come.


To learn more about our CPP designation check out one of these two articles:

The first is a tongue-in-cheek look at what it means to hire a Certified Professional Photographer, and the other is a little more on the nose with its delivery. We don't mind which you choose, because whether you're looking for a serious photographer who is all business or one who can roll with the punches, we've got you covered.

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