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Photographing Surprise Proposals

Coordination and Communication

It takes communication to ensure we have a solid game plan and that everyone, except for the surprised partner, is on the same page. So here is what we do.

A map demonstrating how we plan surprise proposals for our clients.

First, we'll connect with you, our client, to get an overview of any plans you may already have. Then we pull up a Google map and zoom in on the location(s). From there, we'll draw out a plan so that we know where you're going to be, and you know where we're going to be.

Typically, we'll even determine which way you'll turn when you go to propose and a signal from you, so we know you're ready. Because if we capture the back of her head or the back of your head, right? Those photos may not be as appealing as a side shot that includes both of you. So, these are just some of the details we help figure out along the way.

Overall, we take a macro view of the project and narrow it down little by little as we get closer and closer to the end idea.

A charcuterie board we created for one of our proposal clients.

Going Beyond the Photograph

We even create picnics for people! Often including hot cocoa, tea, or pie to bring the entire experience altogether. Check out this charcuterie board Hilary put together for one of our clients!

Hilary modeling for the camera so we could be ready for our client's surprise proposal

Keeping The Surprise

Hilary and I will often act as urban or landscape photographers to keep the element of surprise. In some instances, it even makes sense to have Hilary serve as a model, so we already have our equipment ready. Such as we did for the above session at the Waterfront in Burlington, VT


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